The Legacy Leaders of Color Video Project

Produced & Directed by Anna Sang Park

The Legacy Leaders of Color Video Project (LLCVP) is part of TCG's Diversity & Inclusion Initiative. The Legacy Leaders of Color Video Project chronicles the stories of the theatre leaders of color who created the work, founded the organizations and led the vanguards of the resident theatre movement. These leaders were inspired to create opportunities lacking for artists of color; to challenge appropriation and misrepresentation through staging the full richness and complexity of racial, ethnic and cultural identities; to gain political power and creative autonomy; and to contribute their unique aesthetic and social perspectives to the American theatre and wider culture. The LLCVP not only honor the elders, but also serve as a road map for future theatre leaders, and as a means of raising broader cultural awareness of their impact.

The leaders participating in the LLCVP include: Lou Bellamy, Penumbra Theatre; Tisa Chang, Pan Asian Repertory Theatre; Frank Chin, Asian American Theater Company; Miriam Colón, Puerto Rican Traveling Theater; Woodie King, Jr., New Federal Theatre; Muriel Miguel, Spiderwoman Theater; Jackie Taylor, Black Ensemble Theater; Luis Valdez, El Teatro Campesino; and Douglas Turner Ward, Negro Ensemble Company.